combine ranking structure

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combine ranking structure

Post by Troy on Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:20 am

We The People Basic Ranking Structure.

Hi We The People: in general this will represent the rank structure especially as the combine grows. In the meantime and always, we reserve the right to change rank of anyone up or down based on combine participation. lvl 10 recruit, lvl 20 soldier, lvl 30 tier 1, lvl 40 agent, lvl 50 tier 2, lvl 55 envoy, lvl 60 tier 3, lvl 70 brig.  If you want to be on our FB page, Ikaros or myself will need a FB friend request and your FB user name so that we can add you to the page and the chat. There is valuable information there. Thanks for being a part of our combine. MIA3+ rank deduction or dismissal.  Brigs and O/O's will not be assigned without a combine responsibility.  If anyone does not want to be promoted please let us know.  

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