We the People Combine Policies

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We the People Combine Policies

Post by Troy on Tue Dec 22, 2015 8:52 pm


The policies set forth are for the good of the combine and reflect a play style that has proven successful over time.  We realize that there are different play styles but these polices represent the We The People Combine play style.  If you cannot or will not agree to play according to these policies, we cordially invite you to find a combine that suits you better.  


We do not preemptively attack combines with whom we have treaties.  If they make the mistake, you can raid them back once if you wish, but open communications and try to resolve the issue.  Politeness goes a long way.  The raid back once and open communications policy applies to any combine player who attacks you.  If you think that it may become a real issue, contact the Operations Officer(s) or the CEO of We The People Combine and let us try to resolve the issue.  

We do not want combine wars.

We do not attack treaties; otherwise, farms and depots are fair game.  Anyone can raid anyone's farms or depots, but if you do, be aware that some combines and players take that personally and may attack your main base in return.  We do not attack main bases over farms or depots.  Farm wars are a waste of time and resources. The combine will not get involved in farm wars.  To determine if we have a treaty with someone, click on their combine emblem to open their combine page.  In the upper right hand corner there will be another emblem; if it is scales and browned out, it is neutral and no treaty.  You will be able to tell if there is a treaty of alliance or peace.

We do not preemptively attack combine marked bases.  This can create serious problems, not only for you as an individual player, but for the entire combine.  If you preemptively attack a combine marked base and get into trouble, we will not support you and you may be subject to rank reduction or dismissal.


We realize that real life takes priority over the games. We need daily active players.  If you are going to be absent please let us know. Unless the O/O or CEO have been notified,  MIA3+ will be subject to rank reduction or dismissal.

IMPORTANT  Send a light defense unit (sapper) to all members' bases as a watcher.  This will let all know if one our members gets reconned or raided.  If a member's base gets raided, visit the base, hire a mercenary  if available, repair any guns that may be down, and resend the watcher.


We do not participate in the Mining Complex takeover contract!  In fact, we never attack another combine's MC...BIG..NO..HUGE TROUBLE!  If you attack another combine's MC and we get a complaint, you will be reduced in rank or dismissed.  Most of the time, they won't even complain; they just attack you and our entire combine.

RAID RIVAL BASES  The do not attack combine marked bases policy applies.  Just raid the inactive non combine marked bases around you.  It still adds points to our combine contract.  

DESTROY ENEMY TROOPS  The do not attack combine marked bases policy applies.


TRAINING CENTER    Go straight down the middle until you get to ZA'AM Mark VI speed.  Once that is completed, go to the right to Rations Consumption and complete that.  By then, you be experienced enough in the game to know where you need to go from there.

You will find other useful stuff in the files at www.facebook.com/groups/1661984520752158 in the files tab.

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